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About Us

We value and respect the population we serve by asking for their input and responding with empathy to their concerns. We are committed to using clear, consistent and direct communication, involving those who are affected by decisions and communicating before implementation so there are no surprises. We are loyal to our fellow employees by being kind and sharing positive observations.

We value results and creativity through dedicated employees who strive to meet the needs and expectations of the facility. We accept personal and professional responsibility for achieving the goals established for our organization and agree to treat each person with respect in a joint effort to build a cohesive team.

We foster an environment where free exchange of ideas is welcome and respect towards one another is expected. We will learn from the unique talents of all employees and honor the variety of backgrounds that each individual offers. We will exhibit the highest level of professionalism so our team can consistently produce the results that exceed expectations.

We will protect our employee’s trust by ensuring that our actions are consistent with our mission, vision and values. We will promote honesty and behavior that is ethical and legal, while delivering the highest level of customer service. We will continue to venture into new areas of opportunity and strive towards innovative ways to have fun in the workplace. We will seek to find humor and laugh daily, but never at another’s expense.

We value one another by making ourselves visible and approachable and responding in a caring, helpful and respectful manner. We will follow through on all commitments, share ideas and concerns, and support decisions once made. We strive for a supportive atmosphere that promotes harmony, open communication and team work.

Cadia Healthcare has provided rehabilitation, skilled nursing and long-term care services to the residents of Delaware, Maryland and neighboring Pennsylvania communities for over 20 years. Cadia Healthcare is one of Delmarva’s largest rehabilitation and skilled nursing provider, operating 10 facilities with 1200+ in-patient beds. In addition, we offer on-site dialysis and out-patient therapy services at select locations. For more information, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions


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  • 1. How long will I be here?

    Your stay will depend on your skilled needs and your progress toward your goals to be discharged home safely. Our typical rehab patient spends 2-3 weeks attaining their goals, while stays for patients with medical skilled needs varies, depending on the treatment ordered by the doctor.

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  • 2. I’m coming for rehab after surgery. How often will I receive therapy?

    Subacute care, or skilled rehabilitation provides up to three hours a day, 5-6 days per week of therapy services, depending on your tolerance.

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  • 3. What Insurances does Cadia accept?

    Cadia's Maryland facilities accept MEDICARE, MD and DC MEDICAID, Private Pay and various Commercial Insurances.

    We will also negotiate one time contracts with insurance carriers that are not listed on a case by case basis.

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  • 4. What does Medicare cover?

    Medicare covers Days 1-20 at 100% while Days 21-100 require you to co-pay $157.50 in 2015. While a Medicare benefit pays up to 100 days, a skilled need must be present. For example, if your skilled need is rehabilitation, improvement towards your goals must be evident. Once your goals have been met, the Medicare benefit period ends even if the full 100 days has not been used.

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  • 5. Is there a doctor available every day and how often will they assess patients?

    There is either a Physician or Nurse Practitioner in Cadia facilities daily. Short stay patients are seen within the first 48-72 hours post-admission, then as frequently as needed thereafter. Long term care residents are assessed every 30 days, more often if needed. Additionally, Cadia contracts with various specialists to provide onsite care as needed, including Board Certified Medical Directors, Pulmonologists, Vascular Surgeons, Wound Care Physicians, Pain Management Physicians, Nephrologists, Physiatrists, Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Case Managers, Registered Nurses, Hospice Nurses, Dieticians, Respiratory Therapists, Rehabilitation Therapists, Social Workers, Certified Activities Consultants and Geriatric Nurse Assistants.

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  • 6. What are the visiting hours?

    We do not have set visiting hours, however we do ask that visitors be mindful of our residents and their need for privacy during treatment times, as well as their need for rest on their road to recovery.   In addition, participation in rehab should not be interrupted. After 8pm, we ask that you use the intercom system for the safety of staff and residents.

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  • 7. Is my dog allowed to visit?

    Yes, in general, pets are allowed to visit as long as an updated health and immunization record is provided.

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  • 8. Do you take Long Term Care patients and if so, do you have availability?

    Yes. We accept Long Term Care patients based on bed availability. Please contact the Admissions Office at the desired Cadia location for more details.

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  • 9. What do we bring with us upon admission?

    Feel free to bring any items from home that will make your experience here more comfortable, such as your favorite blanket or pillow. If you will be receiving rehab therapy, loose fitting clothing and sneakers are recommended. We will provide toiletries, but if you have favorite brands, please bring those with you.

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  • 10. What is the difference between skilled nursing care and assisted living?

    Skilled nursing provides a higher level of nursing care than assisted living. In addition, skilled nursing facilities provide rehabilitation in-house and nursing care is provided on a 24 hour basis by staff trained to assist in rehabilitation efforts as well as recognize and treat medical conditions. Assisted Living Facilities are for individuals who can complete most of their activities of daily living, but who ,may require supervision with tasks such as cooking or medication administration.

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Testimonial 18

There is never a time that I visit that my brother isn’t taken care of beyond satisfaction. Great job, and continue to take care of my loved one as you would your own. God bless you all!!

Iris J.

Testimonial 17

I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone at Cadia who cared for my mother while she was at your facility.  The level of care and compassion was extraordinary.  It was truly a blessing for my mom to be able to spend the last weeks of her life with such a caring and supportive staff.

Kevin C.

Testimonial 16

When I first arrived here from the hospital I was bedridden and unable to do anything other than open my eyelids.  I am now able to walk!! Therapy was phenomenal in helping me to reach this goal.  The aides and food have been great!

Carol R.

Testimonial 15

This is a great place! The staff is attentive and provide great care.  The food is good and there is a variety of choices to choose from.  Therapy staff is top notch!

Allene F.

Testimonial 14

I loved my stay at Cadia Pike Creek. The nursing staff is fantastic and the aids are so kind and willing to help. The physical and occupational therapists are by far the best in the state. I have been to several nursing facilities in the state and i have never experienced a therapy staff more wonderful than those at Cadia. The therapists really work with you and provide lots of encouragement which motivated me to want to do well. The patience everyone has is so moving and truly a breath of fresh air. I am getting a hip replacement soon and I cannot wait to come back to Cadia after my procedure.

Dorothy O.

Testimonial 12

I would like to say that the care here was very good. The nurses and CNA’s were kind caring.

Patricia W.

Testimonial 11

Staff was very friendly. Glad I chose this facility, makes you feel at home.

Joseph O.

Testimonial 10

We feel this is a wonderful facility. We have been here before, we know we get quality care.

Diane O. (Daughter of patient)

Testimonial 9

Everyone was very helpful and very good to my loved one. Thanks to all of you!

Rodney O.

Testimonial 8

The staff is very responsive and caring towards my husband. I can’t stop singing your praises to everyone, and the girls in therapy are just FANTASTIC!

Holly J.

Testimonial 7

Mom feels that the only way for her to meet her goals and return home is if she can return to Cadia. The girls in rehab gave her the attention and motivation she needed to return home after her first hospitalization. The staff truly care about the residents and it shows.

Family of Short Term Cadia Rehab Resident

Testimonial 6

Those girls in Physical Therapy are top notch. I’ve never met better professionals. Do you know they took the time to explain how my stroke affected me and my strength. They are true professionals and watching them work– it’s touching.

Mark G.

Testimonial 5

After only a 10 day stay, I was able to return back home on my own. Being a retired nurse myself, I found the nursing staff and therapists to be very helpful and encouraging during my recovery.

Sally J.

Testimonial 4

Look at me go! I made the Wall of Fame after making it through my rehab program. With the help of the staff, I was able to return to home to assist in providing care to my mother. If it wasn’t for the team at Cadia, I never would have been able to do that so soon.

Agnes O.

Testimonial 3

We are impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the staff. We would like to thank all the staff involved for the excellent care provided to our father during the course of his stay. We enjoyed visiting and have nothing but great things to say.

Family of Short Term Rehab Resident

Testimonial 2

I came for therapy in order to regain some strength so that I could join my family on a vacation of a lifetime in Walt Disney World! The nursing and therapy staff made it possible for me to pack for my journey.

Marjorie W.

Testimonial 1

We are impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the staff. We would like to thank all the staff involved for the excellent care provided to our father during the course of his stay. We enjoyed visiting and have nothing but great things to say.

Family of Short Term Rehab Resident

Testimonial 13

My stay at Cadia was amazing. The staff was always thoughtful and caring, the facility seemed brand new and the rehab was effective.

Janet D.