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Coronavirus Response & Preparedness

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Update March 30, 2020

Re: Cadia Coronavirus Policy Update

Dear Cadia Family Members, Loved Ones, Business Partners, and Community Members,

Cadia Healthcare continues to remain active in monitoring the global COVID health emergency. In a time of social distancing, and uncertainty, we understand that communication is critical. What follows is the policy changes in our 10 facilities in Delaware and Maryland. We continue to evaluate these daily with our leadership and physician team.

  • We continue to enforce a strict no visitation policy. Please respect this policy. It is also important you remain away from the property. To maintain communication with your loved one we have made both video and tele-conferencing available.
  • We are having residents self-isolate in their room.
  • We have cancelled communal dining, and group activities.
  • We continue to screen every staff member daily by taking their temperature and completing a health questionnaire.
  • Any staff member who has traveled to an at-risk area, has similar symptoms to COVID-19, or has been exposed to anyone with similar symptoms to COVID-19 is not allowed to work in our centers.
  • We continue to work with our supply chain, new vendors and local volunteers for personal protective equipment. We are most grateful for any donations or connection to local supply partners.
  • We continue to seek counsel and advice from a panel of physicians including Infectious Disease Specialists.
  • We are making telehealth available in our centers for additional physician access.
  • We remain in communication with our local health authorities, hospital partners regarding coordination of care, infection control protocols, and evolving guidance.

This is an uncertain and trying time, but we are taking significant measures to keep our communities safe. Please help us by abiding by the national guidelines of staying at home and keeping yourself and family safe. Discipline with these common-sense measures greatly reduce the risk of further infection. Please reach out and communicate with your administrators if you have any questions. We will continue to provide updates.

Thank you,

Cadia Leadership Team