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Covid Policies for Cadia Healthcare of Hyattsville

Virtual Call Policy

We are please to see all the interest in scheduling virtual encounters with your loved one through Face Time, Zoom or Google Talk. Our goal is to facilitate each scheduled call so that you and your loved one can reconnect. In service to that goal, we are making some adjustments to the scheduling times and requiring some key information from each of you when you call to make your schedule.

Our dedicated team led by the Concierge and Receptionists will be deployed to facilitate calls on the schedule below. The reason we have defined scheduling hours is to avoid mealtimes and other conflicts that have been observed from the initial round of requests.

Additionally, all requests must include the requestors phone number, type of device used for virtual calls, name of resident and requestors relationship to the resident.

Calls Schedule is as follows:

Monday through Friday from 9:15AM to 3:30PM (2nd-5th floor).

Monday through Friday from 3:30-4:00 (1 West). 

Please note all virtual calls are restricted to 15 minutes. This call is to connect you with your loved one. This is not a call to speak with a nurse or social worker.

We strongly desire to connect you with your loved ones and believe this new system will achieve that for a greater number of people and improve satisfaction.

To Schedule Calls please call (301) 892 – 6295. When leaving a message, please speak clearly, with details such as your name, patients name and a call back number.

Outside Food Delivery Policy

Policy: It is the Policy of Cadia Hyattsville to protect the health and safety of our residents by restricting food brought from outside the facility. It is our mission to enhance our resident well-being and in-turn create allowances for residents to safely enjoy foods made outside our center. Cadia Hyattsville supports the recommendations of the (CDC) and MDH as it relates to outside food and beverages brought into facilities.

Purpose: To promote safety while extending hospitality to our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing the entry of outside foods procured from properly licensed food establishments such as restaurants and home- cooked meals.

Procedure: Cadia Hyattsville will allow foods procured from professional establishments to be delivered to our front desk daily during the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The ancillary receptionist or designee will be responsible for delivering all food items to the resident room within 15 minutes of arrival to prevent foods from falling below safe and acceptable temperatures.

To aid in the delivery of items we ask that residents be advised to use their full name and room number when ordering from vendors to assure the package is marked to clearly identify the patient who has ordered. The facility also advises the use of credit card for payments. However, if cash is preferred, please call the Receptionist to inform of payment type. The Receptionist will then collect money from the resident. The Resident will be asked to sign the receipt book for tracking purposes.

Family members are allowed to deliver foods packaged in disposable containers. All deliveries must be scheduled with the front desk. An associate will retrieve delivered items from the lobby vestibule. Family members are not allowed into the lobby at this time. Please call the main line to speak with Receptionist for any other questions. The facility is not responsible for cold food.

Delivery Times

Daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Patient/ Unit or Family Member should call the receptionist once the order is placed to arrange for room delivery. Once order is made, the Front Desk needs to be informed of the order/delivery time. ***Facility will not be responsible for any omitted food items from the restaurant.

Inventory From Home Policy

To reduce the further spread of COVID-19 and prevent occurrences of lost or misplaced items, Cadia Hyattsville is taking the following actions effective immediately:

Clothing Delivery

When bringing clothing, we ask the family member or representative to label (patient full name) and log each item to create an accompanying inventory. Once delivered, clothing and linens will be held in secured storage for three days to allow for time-based decontamination. On Day 4, our staff will perform a complete inventory of the items before final delivery. Please be aware Cadia Hyattsville will not accept responsibility for any missing items should a discrepancy between inventories arise.

Laundry Exchange

For families participating in our laundry exchange program, the facility will be adjusting the program effective immediately. Laundry is to be picked up on SATURDAY and SUNDAYS between the hours of 10:00am-2:00pm. Please call the Receptionist in advance to coordinate the exchange. Note: Laundry will not be inventoried, it is expected that all items are an even exchange and are accounted in the existing resident inventory. New items must be delivered separately and comply with established guidance for “Clothing Delivery.”

We thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping our residents, staff, and community safe.